Our expert chefs personally select Matsusaka beef that meets our strict standards.
We offer you the authentic taste of Matsuzaka beef crafted through meticulous handling and cooking methods.
Experience the true essence of Matsusaka beef that can only be found at Ginza Matsusaka.

Points of Deliciousness of
Matsusaka Beef

  • Sweet and full-bodied
    Elegant Wagyu Aroma
    The aroma of Wagyu beef (marbled Japanese black beef) appears when heated. Especially that of Matsusaka beef is characterized by a sweet, rich, and refined aroma, enhancing its delicious taste to stimulate your appetite.
  • Rich in UFA and umami
    Good Quality Fat
    Matsusaka beef contains more unsaturated fatty acids (UFAs) than typical Wagyu beef. UFAs have the effect of lowering bad cholesterol and making your blood flow smooth. Please fully enjoy healthy and umami-packed Matsusaka beef.
  • Melt in your mouth
    Tender Texture
    Matsusaka beef captivates anyone with its fine marbling and extremely tender texture. With a fat melting point around 17 degrees, it melts at the touch of your palm. The moment it enters your mouth, you experience a smooth palate and a melting sensation.

Commitment of Ginza Matsusaka